Keyless door lock features

Keyless door locks are a secure and advanced locking system used by a large number of organizations due to their benefits. Including the ability to change codes on a regular basis to enhance security,...
10 May 2018

Furniture locks

Cam locks for furniture Cam locks complement almost any style of furniture. They are a popular choice of furniture lock for cabinet makers and furniture manufacturers all over the world.  ...
26 Mar 2018

Top 10 uses for cam locks

Cam locks are a robust, cylindrical locking mechanism used in many different applications in industry. Here, we explore 10 of the most common uses for cam locks. Metal furniture Cam locks are ...
22 Feb 2018

Electronic locks and their uses

Electronic locks are the way forward in enhancing security, especially for establishments responsible for a high number of employees, customers or guests. Keyless locking systems are useful for reduci...
13 Feb 2018

Digital combination locks for security applications

Are you worried about the security of your office furniture? Or perhaps your lockers need a digital upgrade? It’s time to consider digital combination locks at your workplace! Digital com...
06 Oct 2017